W? Performance Cosmetics at DancerPalooza

This weekend, July 24-29, 2018, W? Performance Cosmetics is at DancerPalooza! DancerPalooza brings together to industry’s top choreographers, master teachers, professional dancers, and young dance students all under one roof. It’s a week long event that includes dance classes, special... Read More

How to Apply Blush

Flushed cheeks aren’t just for those leaving practice. Blush has long been credited with anointing skin with a healthy heightening of color. But when it comes to knowing where exactly you should apply the product (apples? cheekbones? cheek hollows?), finding... Read More

Long, Flirty, False Lashes – The New Trend

Lush lashes have long been associated with the feminine gaze. It’s not surprising then, that false eyelashes are the accessory to be seen wearing in the performance world this season. In the United States, sales for false lashes are up... Read More